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  • March 8, 2001: OK, I've finally revived this webpage. Although I don't really have any new information regarding the development of KHylaFax. As far as I know, the most recent information regarding the project is kept at FreshMeat Any info older than this message should be regarded as out of date information.
  • March 9, 1999: Obviously I've been slacking on the development of khylafax. One of your fellow users has taken the initiative to add some more functionality to it such as client/server protocol to remote fax servers. Get Jonas Sextl's latest patch at
  • July 24, 1998: No big changes. I've started adding support for viewing the fax server status. Cleaned up some Makefiles.
  • July 22, 1998: I had to release version 0.1.1 to add some files to the archive. You may have noticed a problem doing a make install. This should fix that.
  • July 21, 1998: I've created a mailing list for people interested in keeping up with the development of KHylaFax. Send an email to with "subscribe khylafax" in the body line or subscribe now
  • July 21, 1998: KHylaFax v0.1 alpha code is released. This has not been tested well, so use at your own risk. No error checking is being performed on the sendfax command yet. This release is just intended for you to get a feel for what the program will be like, and also to offer any suggestions.
  • June 1, 1998: KHylaFax www page created
    KHylaFax is inspired by TkHylaFax, the HylaFax frontend based on Tk. There is also KSendFax, an existing backend-generic program for sending faxes. It may seem redundant to create this program, but it is intended to make use of HylaFax's more advanced uses without the need to know command line switches. I also intend to implement a fax server status module which will allow you to monitor your fax's transmission status and the server/modem status. You will be able to reschedule faxes or cancel them. I also intend to implement a print filter into KHylaFax so you can create a printer alias which will pop-up this application. Other features intended is an interface to KScan for easy scanning of faxes to be sent.
Mailing List
    There is a khylafax mailing list which will allow you to report bugs, comment on the usability of the program, and whatever else you can think of. I encourage you to use this instead of mailing me directly. Hopefully this will cut down on multiple generation of bug reports since everyone can see what bugs are already being discussed

  • To Subscribe: send email to with "subscribe khylafax" as the body.
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  • To Unsubscribe: send email to with "unsubscribe khylafax" as the body.
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  • You can also subscribe and unsubscribe online with MajorCool
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