The Grounds Crew

This page will  pay homage to the most under appreciated group of  people in the athletic department. Some people think the grass just magically grows back  and is magically lined,  people don't realize the time these brave men put in to make that field look perfect come game day. Determination, hard work, and a desire for perfection all make that field the best thing to watch come saturday.  So next time you attend a game and you wish you could be on that perfect plot of grass remember to say "hey grassman... thanks".

The Hierarchy of the Ground Crew

  This is Brian Gimbel. The main man of the grounds crew. This man lives for his job. He is knowledgeable, and experienced in all facades of the turf grass industry. If you ever have any questions just ask him, he is pretty friendly most of the time. 
Brian Gimbel  
Athletic Grounds Superintendent

Brian Blount (JR) - Athletic Fields Specialist. Brian has many years experience at OSU. Johnny Ross- "the Kid" is the newest specialist to join OSU. If John is not working on the softball field he is rallying the crew to do the best they can. I would link you to his e-mail but the questions would just be ask of me so never mind.

 The rest of the worlds most dangerous Grounds Crew

Paul Estrada - Worked at OSU way to long. Posterboy for going postal.
Branden Schwartz - It is truly amazing anything gets done when this putz is around.
Natalie Kratzer - This girl has game. And a whole lot of hair. 
Mark Carek -  Survived Bob Todd and resisted the urge to beat his skull in with a fungo. 
Alan Davies - The definition of cool. Always looks like a JCrew ad.
Brett Packer - AKA Fudge. This guy actually likes digging holes. Farm boy at heart.
Mike Kovacs - AKA kovie. Has a strange resemblance to Vanilla Ice
Anthony Burley - AKA Ant. They say this cat is a bad mother... shut your mouth...
Marcus Shabazz - USMC . Just for John boy.
Erika Brooks - The friendliest member of our crew
Casey Neal - This cowboy is a little out of his element... which is Texas.
Dave Rousenbugh - Speaking of out of element... try Kentucky.
 Click Here To See Some Crew Photos
Beside the field crew I would like to acknowledge the hard working members of the Ohio Stadium Maintenence crew. Led by their fearless leaders Don Patko and Mike Smith they maintain the greatest, cleanest staduim in the nation.